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Teachers in the school have the right to use Signal Jammer, so we can not use the phone when the class, this is too make people mad.
Knowledge: GPS signal is referred to U.S. commercial GPS. The GPS jammer is such a signal shielding devices, can be used in vehicle tracking and so on.
phone signal Blocker can be used in preventing WIFI signal, Bluetooth signals, 2.4G signal. Also can prevent those tools such as the transmission signal devices such as wireless camera.
Cell phone signal blocker is illegal, but in some cases, such as the examination room, the battlefield, special needs, using mobile phone blocker can be a good solution to the prevailing situation.
Some shielded tool does not really shielded signal, and mobile phone jammer to be true, it produces interference by superimposing the signal waveform, thus significantly weakening the signal to disappear.